Porsche Zentrum Aschaffenburg

Get Identified.


Increased pulse. Palpitations. Anticipation.

A Porsche is something very special. For over 70 years, Porsche has been building sports cars that make the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts around the world beat faster. A myth that is enriched with every new technological achievement, every new model and every race victory.

The Porsche Center Aschaffenburg has set itself the task of making the many dimensions of the fascination of Porsche tangible with every visit. With a unique exhibition of new and used cars, individual advice, first-class service – and not least with a variety of events where sports car enthusiasts can share their passion with like-minded people.

The Porsche Center Aschaffenburg aims not only to satisfy its customers with every visit, but to inspire them completely. With top performance in every respect.