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Long-term success calls for vision and a clear concept. Right from the starting line. Discover the vision and concept of ID RACING. Ladies and gentlemen – start your engines.

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Get Identified.

At ID RACING, we are convinced: If you want to be successful, you need a strong identity.

As a person. As a company. As a brand. In both business and sport equally. We use our expertise, professionalism and all our energy to support our sponsors, partners, drivers and riders in standing out from the crowd and achieving even greater success.

This is ID RACING’s main focus. It is part of everything we do, from choosing our sporting environment and designing our service range to landing on identity as the key success factor.

Read on to discover what makes us stand out, how we outshine other racing teams and specific ways in which ID RACING supports sustainability. This brochure aims to give you a deeper insight into our understanding and practice of motorsport and to show how you as a partner, sponsor or even as a driver or rider benefit from our approach.

Iris Dorr
Head of Team ID RACING.

Our Partners

The face behind the brand
Founder and innovator:
 Iris Dorr.

be convinced.

ID RACING is all about identity. ID RACING is also all about Iris Dorr.

And with her, over 30 years of personal experience in the world of professional motorsport. Iris Dorr knows both sides, having been both an active racing driver and a qualified team manager. She knows how to perfectly harmonise the demands of the sport with the organisational challenges. She understands how to offer drivers and riders an environment that allows them to achieve their best possible performance.

With ID RACING, Iris Dorr is bringing her ideas of modern motorsport to life. To her, modern motorsport encompasses important considerations such as sustainability, female participation in the sport and impressive benefits for sponsors.

The Sporting Platform
Brand. Mythos. Pure motorsport. Porsche.

The Sporting Platform

ID RACING proactively chooses Porsche Motorsports as a launchpad.

Porsche embodies the mythos of sports cars like no other brand. With over 70 years of international racing history, well over 30,000 racing wins, countless brand and team championships and 19 overall wins in Le Mans, Porsche boasts an excellent motorsport résumé.

With so much success to look back on, Porsche is one of the world’s most fascinating automotive brands. It is a perfect platform for becoming a recognisable personality amongst racing drivers and for crafting a unique and lasting identity as a sponsor.

Racing with unique character

Porsche Motorsports offers a range of racing series that form the optimal basis for ID RACING’s sporting activities and its drivers.

The range starts with the Porsche Sports Cup for ambitious beginners and goes all the way to national Porsche trophy racing and finally, a special attraction: the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup supporting Formula 1. Porsche’s participation in national and international endurance racing opens up further premium motorsport opportunities.

As a partner of Porsche Motorsports, ID RACING will
be competing in the 2024 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.
ID RACING will also participate in the Porsche
Sprint Challenges. With so much on offer, ID RACING
gives its drivers a highly attractive range of racing to
choose from.

Welcome to the Cockpit
ID Racing:
 The Right Choice
 for Drivers

be infected.

ID RACING is open to anyone who is ready to jump in the driver’s seat: ambitious amateurs, high-flying semi-pros and absolute professionals.

They all join a high-calibre sports team of experienced motorsport professionals who have worked together for a long time already and are well coordinated. State-of-the-art technical equipment is par for the course. The team and its gear together make the best conditions for top driver performance.

To achieve success at the finish line, ID RACING works with its drivers every day, intensely focused on improving joint performance. All of this takes place in a collegial atmosphere with mutual appreciation and respect at its core. Or put another way: in an environment where drivers truly feel good.

Both inside and outside of our team, we place high value on sportsmanship. We follow the principle of being competitors on the track, but colleagues in the paddock.

ID Racing actively seeks Women for Motorsport

Iris Dorr herself has shown that women can successfully compete in motorsport. That is why it is a passion of hers to get the wider racing world to view women as competitors in the sport. Female drivers are always very welcome in ID RACING’s cockpit. With Iris Dorr’s expertise, ID RACING offers you the best possible conditions for making a name for yourself in the traditional ‘man’s world’ of motorsport.

Benefits for our Sponsors

Maximum Performance
- Even with Sponsoring -

Networking Events

Use our presence at the world's racetracks for collaboration and intensive networking

Our guests are our VIP's

Your exclusive access to the Carrera Cup, behind the scenes and to the hospitality area

Our communication is your voice

Be an integral part of our team communication and reach new target groups

Unforgettable emotional moments

Be a passenger in our racing cars and experience what racing means, live and unadorned.

Ownership by heart.

100% Racing. Nothing less.

This is Iris Dorr’s personal creed as she leads ID RACING – and it is therefore also the basis for lasting, sustainable partnerships and networks. Two things are especially important to her here: first, that sponsors and partners are a fixed part of the ID RACING team. Everyone works towards shared goals together, effectively. Second, that ID RACING offers benefits that represent true added value for everyone involved. For the expansion of one’s own business, strengthening of branding, connection of one’s own brand with Porsche and its values, such as continuity, reliability, precision, exclusivity.

Get inspired by Live Racing

ID RACING immerses you in one of the most passion-driven sports in the world. On racing weekends, you and your guests are part of the team and the racing sport scene. The ID RACING team area is the perfect place to meet and greet the drivers, mechanics, engineers, stars and celebrities, as well as hold business meetings and do a bit of networking. Client events give you the opportunity to manage relationships successfully. Aside from the races themselves, our driver training sessions with professional instructors are another impressive experience we offer.

Social Media Raises the Profile of your Brand

Intensive social media activities on and near the track play a central role in ID RACING’s communication strategy. In 2023, our social media activities include posts on our own YouTube channel, podcasts and an online community platform that goes live on racing weekends in the ID RACING team area. We actively position and engage with the brands and advertising of our sponsors and partners in all of these activities. Use these innovative opportunities to present your company and products to an engaged public. We firmly believe that ID RACING is the right brand ambassador to achieve joint success.

Sustainability Strategy
ID Racing's Future of
 Motorsport is Green
Be The green Leader in Motorsport
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Green Projects
0 +
Target: Reduction Carbon Foodprint
0 %
Commitment for climate-neutral motorsport
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ID RACING's Road to get Green

ROAD TO GET GREEN. This is what our team calls our internal sustainability programme. The aim is to reduce ID RACING’s carbon footprint step by step through a package of innovative measures and take a leading role as a sustainable racing team in the world of motorsport. So it’s no coincidence that our team colour is green. Forwardlooking thought and action are a fixed part of ID RACING’s identity. It’s how we do our part to make racing a sport that even future generations will be able to enjoy.

Racing. Passion. Results.

Join the Ultimate World Of Emotions

ID RACING is a committed, reliable and global partner in a wide variety of racing series around the world.
Our experience in the professional preparation of race cars benefits our drivers and their capabilities 100% and manifests itself in numbers and sporting successes.
Racing vehicles used to date
Racing missions completed to date
Podium finishes

As a sponsor of ID RACING, you gain direct access to a high-profile motorsport platform with global presence. Through our partnership, you can showcase your brand to a wide audience and effectively reach your target market. Additionally, you benefit from a dedicated and passionate team that values your support.

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We are characterized by personal contact and a transparent and cooperative approach. And we offer emotions.

Not only for our customers, but also for our customers' customers.

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