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ID RACING is all about identity. ID RACING is also all about Iris Dorr.

And with her, over 30 years of personal experience in the world of professional motorsport. Iris Dorr knows both sides, having been both an active racing driver and a qualified team manager. She knows how to perfectly harmonise the demands of the sport with the organisational challenges. She understands how to offer drivers and riders an environment that allows them to achieve their best possible performance.

With ID RACING, Iris Dorr is bringing her ideas of modern motorsport to life. To her, modern motorsport encompasses important considerations such as sustainability, female participation in the sport and impressive benefits for sponsors.

Iris Dorr as a Racing Driver.

Iris Dorr made a name for herself in the conventional ‘man’s world’ of racing after being introduced to motorsport by her father. Her entire family supported and cheered her on throughout her career. Iris Dorr was a member of the Renault Junior team. She won the Coupe des Dames and made a successful start in VLN Endurance Racing on the Nürburgring, as well as in the Renault Clio V6 Euro Trophy, Renault Megane Cup and other brand trophy races.

Iris Dorr as a Team Boss.

Iris Dorr did it all as a team boss, gaining experience in management, finance and acquisitions, as well as in the preparation and organisation of the team’s participation in races of all different types, right up to 24-hour racing worldwide. René Rast, Dirk Werner and Philipp Eng are just some of the renowned motorsport personalities and company drivers known today who worked with Iris Dorr and her team and have her to thank for her contribution to their success in motorsport. With her experience working in her family’s business in Allgäu and a degree in international business management, Iris Dorr is fully capable of driving ID RACING to success in responsible business as well.