A new team
for a new time.

Our maxim.
Identity is the
engine of success.

At ID RACING, we are convinced: if you want to be successful, you need a strong identity. As a person. As a company. As a brand. In business. In sports. With our know-how, our professionalism and all our energy, we support our sponsors , partners, drivers and riders in standing out from the crowd and becoming even more successful. In all of this, we focus on what excites and fascinates us: Motorsport, which we handle respectfully with each other in a way that conserves resources as much as possible.
ID RACING. Get identified.

A platform
like no other .

One of the world's most fascinating automotive brands. Heritage in motorsport for over seven decades. Own professional racing series that guarantee racing at the highest level. ID RACING is at home in Porsche Motorsport. Here we find as a team the ideal basis for our sporting ambitions and the ambitions of our drivers. Here we have the perfect environment for our sponsors and partners. More about which commitments are specifically on our agenda in 2022 shortly.

and distinguished.
Head of Team:
Iris Dorr.

Iris Dorr knows her way around motorsports and has for over 30 years.
She is one of the few women to have made a lasting name for herself in German- and international motorsport. First as a driver, later as a manager and team boss. With ID RACING, Iris Dorr is now realizing her ideas of a racing team, that is a benchmark in every respect. A team that brings more benefits to sponsors, partners and drivers. A team that works sustainably and fairly, both internally and externally. And, of course successful.

Achieving more
in every respect.
in every respect ID Racing.

Driver – male & female:
Are you looking for a team that will take you to the top? Personally stronger and faster, of course?
Because you want to stand out from the crowd of competitors? Then find out now how we can make you unmistakably successful as a pilot. No matter if you are a talent or already established.
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Sponsors and partners:
You know very well: your logo on a racing car does not yet make your brand stand out from the mass. There just needs to be more going on. More storytelling. More emotion. This more is our specialty. Find out now what that looks like in concrete terms.
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Employees - male & female:
You want teamwork that really deserves the name? Appreciation not only for your work, but also for you as a person? In short: You want to work in a team with which you can fully identify? Then find out now which jobs we currently have available.
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ID Racing
gains identity.
Step by step.

In which racing series does ID RACING compete? Who sits in the cockpit?
How do we become C02-neutral as a motorsport team? Soon it will become increasingly clear what the face of our team will look like in 2022. The easiest way to stay up to date on each of these steps: Now here subscribe to the newsletter.
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